My name is Michael Tsang. I live near Tin Shui Wai, New Territories. I graduated from HKU with BEng(CompSc) 1st class honours degree and BBA(IS) 2nd class (upper) honours degree in 2016. My main interest is computer programming, orienteering, sailing and swimming. In the field of programming, I’ve won numerous prizes in different Olympiad in Informatics contest from local to international, and also various university-level contests including ACM/ICPC Hanoi Asia 2012 (team IT Genius, ranked 3rd) and ACM-HK Programming Contest 2015 (team BIG BOSS, Champion). I and Sherman, a teammate in my scout troop, also got the 3rd in sailing (Hunter class) the scout regatta in 2012. I am also an élite orienteer in Hong Kong, currently competing in E class in both PreO and TempO trail orienteering events, and won the champion in 2016 Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (TempO).icon_orienteering_900

Apart from programming, I also make web pages and web applications (like the site mentioned below). While I’m not a good layout designer, I’m able to write standard-compliant (X)HTML pages which should display correctly on all browsers (I’ve already tested Firefox, Chromium, Konqueror, Epiphany, Internet Explorer, Lynx, w3m, rekonq, etc. The pages should also work on braille displays and screen readers but I haven’t tested them yet.) My site is free from quirks (workaround for bugs for specific browsers) which are usually found in older pages and pages created by older tools. I can also set up small networks by using Debian servers.

I also play mahjong with my classmates.

The sports I play include orienteering, sailing (including windsurfing), swimming and aquathon. Among them, orienteering is the sport that I’m the most interested in, participating in local races and races in Guangdong Province.

Scouting is a major part in my life. I am currently a leader in 21st Tuen Mun East Group and also a rover scout in 111th East Kowloon Group. I am a council member of Rover Scout Council and also a member of the executive committee in Scout Orienteering Club. Scouting has brought me many useful skills including map reading, expedition skills, seamanship, lifesaving, and also broadened my view on the society and the world.

This blog is meant for my daily life. non-techie stuffs and to be funny (if possible). I’ve set up another blog which is for computing stuffs. Moreover, I have my own site as my online résumé and portfolio.

You’re welcome to contact me by using the e-mail address on my profile page.