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expedition terminated

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was going expedition on 26–28 May 2012. We got ready this morning and started. At the beginning, everything was fine, but, at noon, when we went through the bike trail along the coast of Tai Lam Chung reservoir, a heavy rain suddenly came with a thunderstorm (we got the thunderstorm warning earlier, but at that time, the lightning striked the SE of Hong Kong so it didn’t matter) so we had to find a shelter. We got into a temple near M179 and finally decided to terminate the expedition as it was predicted that the weather tomorrow would be worse than today. We finally left at Tai Tong.

We have to find another date for another attempt, perhaps later this year. I hope that I can finish it this year without blocking the second one (80K).


before the expedition

Three days later, I will go the VA 50K expedition. Everything has been finalised, we are now gathering all our stuffs and pack them.

I finished my expedition course in Oct 2010 and originally planned to have the expedition in Apr 2011. However, a teammate injured in the expedition so we terminated. After the summer holiday, I wanted to find new ones for a new expedition before my public exam, however, only after Dec 2011 I got enough members to go. As one of our member is a very busy university student, the date that we can go is very late: 26–28 May 2012, one month after my public exam.

The VA 50K expedition is only a small challenge to us (you should know what the big challenge is), so I hope that we can get it over easily.