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Result of HKOI 2011 has been released today at this page. As usual, my name is on the top of the list. But sadly I cannot find Simon on the list, that means, our school still haven’t broken the ice of having only me getting a medal. I guess that the names are sorted by descending order of the score, therefore, I think that I’m the one who gets 440 marks. Actually, after the contest, I found that I overlooked an overflow bug of program 3 and thus lost 10 marks in that program.


This year, my school has 2 contestant got into the final event, 1 in the senior group and 1 in the junior group. I’m the contestant of the senior group. This year’s paper is much easier than before, but due to an integer overflow bug in program 3, I may not get full marks again.

In the afternoon, I went to Golden Beach. I saw that some workers were setting up the venue for tomorrow’s swimming race. I didn’t join that race this year because swimming is not my strength.

I want to …

  1. get a medal in HKOI and IOI (and NOI if possible).
  2. find a good partner in sailing and bridge.
  3. take an HKSF Level 3 course in next year.
  4. get the Venture Award next year and the Dragon Award two year afterwards.
  5. get 2 As in the A-levels and enter HKU.
  6. win more competitions.

This is the first year that I participate in senior group. In this year, there are 4 contestants from our school, including me, Josh, Simon and 建廷, joining the competition. The event was held in Tai Po, the same as the last 4 years. The paper was not too difficult. I hope that all 4 from our school, and Jason, who now studying in another school, can enter the final event.