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expedition terminated

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was going expedition on 26–28 May 2012. We got ready this morning and started. At the beginning, everything was fine, but, at noon, when we went through the bike trail along the coast of Tai Lam Chung reservoir, a heavy rain suddenly came with a thunderstorm (we got the thunderstorm warning earlier, but at that time, the lightning striked the SE of Hong Kong so it didn’t matter) so we had to find a shelter. We got into a temple near M179 and finally decided to terminate the expedition as it was predicted that the weather tomorrow would be worse than today. We finally left at Tai Tong.

We have to find another date for another attempt, perhaps later this year. I hope that I can finish it this year without blocking the second one (80K).


before the expedition

Three days later, I will go the VA 50K expedition. Everything has been finalised, we are now gathering all our stuffs and pack them.

I finished my expedition course in Oct 2010 and originally planned to have the expedition in Apr 2011. However, a teammate injured in the expedition so we terminated. After the summer holiday, I wanted to find new ones for a new expedition before my public exam, however, only after Dec 2011 I got enough members to go. As one of our member is a very busy university student, the date that we can go is very late: 26–28 May 2012, one month after my public exam.

The VA 50K expedition is only a small challenge to us (you should know what the big challenge is), so I hope that we can get it over easily.

The yearly exam has been finished yesterday. What can I do now? Maybe I should progress more in scouting.

I have so many things planned for this year:

  • first aid (finished)
  • canoeing (elementary) (finished)
  • coxswain mate badge
  • sailing level 3
  • IOI (in July) (not related to scouting)
  • 50 km expedition
  • orange woggle

I still have 3 years as a youth member. I hope I can get the VA and DA in the following years and become a leader. The venture section prepares future leaders. As a scout, I’m going to do my best for future challenges.

Ideally, I want to finish the following on the schedule below:
Nov 2011 : sailing level 3
Dec 2011 : 50 km expedition (on foot)
After finishing these 2 things, I’ll get the VA which is useful for JUPAS.

There is a half-year break next year, from March to August 2012 because next year is my F.7 graduation year. That period is great for me to have some kind of expedition. If things work ideally as above, I hope I can have the 80 km expedition in form of a sailing trip.

I’ve started my AYP already. However, the things in AYP cannot match those in scouting because I’ve already taken some courses such as canoeing, scout expedition course before I started AYP.
As the AYP progress is not the same as my scouting progress, I’ll put my AYP at a lower priority than scouting, if they cannot match. Maybe I’ll finish it after I enter university.

I still haven’t got a permanent partner in sailing. For long-term benefits, I need to get one (or a few) as soon as possible. Maybe I should contact someone I know who have just finished level 2 / is going to take the level 1 & 2 course soon, like Betsy and Stephanie, to create a partnership.

Today, I’ve just got home from the jamboree. This was a long and large jamboree of 5 nights and over 5000 campers, including local, mainland and overseas campers. This year, the jamboree was held near the Disneyland Resort and we can watch the firework displays from there. This year’s activities was not as good as the one in 2008, three years ago because the arrangements were not satisfactory. However, I made a lot of friends there.

I want to …

  1. get a medal in HKOI and IOI (and NOI if possible).
  2. find a good partner in sailing and bridge.
  3. take an HKSF Level 3 course in next year.
  4. get the Venture Award next year and the Dragon Award two year afterwards.
  5. get 2 As in the A-levels and enter HKU.
  6. win more competitions.